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Welcome to Year 1! 
Autumn Term 
Welcome to the Year 1 webpage!  
Term One 
Welcome to Year One's webpage! Here you will find some photos of our learning journeys and get an idea of all the fun things we get to do in school! 
Click here for Term 1's Curriculum Overview 

Year One pupils explored how our shadows change position during the day as the Earth turns around. 

Year One Met Their Buddies 

Collaborative learning 
Map the route the Gruffalo took through the deep, dark woods...... 

Year One went on a Gruffalo hunt to use their mapping skills. They had to match a photo, hidden with Gruffalos, to a location in our school grounds and find the 2 digit number that was there. It was such good fun and we loved all the running around. 

Awe and wonder at the beauty of leaf printing 


We are really getting to know our Year Four buddies now. 
This week they taught us a really fun invasion game. 

Design and Collaborative working 

We loved the bumpy tractor ride and the fantastic views. We learnt the names of so many animals that we hadn't seen before. 

St Francis' Feast Day 
4th October 2018 
Whole school trip to Noah's Ark Zoo 

We had an amazing day, exploring the grounds, touching animals, reading maps, playing and thanking God and St Francis for the amazing world we share with all the fabulous creatures we have seen today. 

Dress up day for 'Animals in Asia'charity 

Mapping skills in our local park. 
Year 1 children had to position their boards and use symbols to create an accurate map of the park. 

Year One led a Harvest Festival and reminded us all to share what we can spare with the Clevedon Food Bank 

We put our design skills to good use with our 
'cardboard caving' and castle construction. 
Oh, Mrs Hunt.....what long legs you have! 

Nowhere Woods 

Gruffalo Hunt in Nowhere Woods 
Year One children identified different leaves, found ten Gruffalos and made a stickman on our trip to the local woods. 

Term Two 
Click here for Term Two's Learning Journey 

Tyntesfield Trip 
Year One pupils explored toys from the past and Tyntesfield house.  

Year One Toy Museum 
We were transported back in time as Year One pupils set up an exhibit of well loved toys played with over the last sixty years. Thank you to all the parents that supported this event. 


Infant Nativity 2018 
Christmas in the Stable 
What a wonderful performance 

Term Three 

Click here for Term Three's Curriculum Overview 


Pole to Pole 
Year One pupils have been having fun finding out about the Arctic and Antarctic. We know about the many animals that live in the land locked North Pole and the many types of penguins that live in the sea locked South Pole. 
Our favourite type Penguin is the Rock Hopper because he never gives up trying. What is your favourite and why? 

Outdoor Learning 
We learn by experimenting, exploring, testing, digging, team work, messy work, self initiated problem solving fun, fun, fun! 

Pole Models with our Buddies 
Challenge: Make an Arctic or Antarctic model with your buddy. It must include the animals that live in that habitat, ice, sea and be 3D. You must take ideas from both of you.  

Recitals and Subitising 
Year one pupils have learnt the story Polar bear, Polar bear What can You Hear and written their own Arctic version.We also learnt a poem called Polar Bear. 
In Maths we have used our memory skills to recognise how many dots are there without counting them and recognising tens and units to find a total number. 

Polarbear Cake Decorating 

Term Four 

Click here for Term 4's Curriculum Overview 


This term we are looking closely at the diffrences in animals. We have a vet role play area so were delighted to spend some time with these two adorable visitors both of which are now 100% healthy thanks to our Year One super vets! 

World Book Day 2018 
Can you work out which book our character comes from? 

Wheelie Wednesday 
Year One scootered round the school and collected sponsors for our Lent charities 

We loved looking at the lambs that were only ten days old. Lambs are mammals and give birth to live young. 

Mrs Cataldo brought in her new baby, Luca. We asked questions to find out what Luca had learnt to do already and to find out all the jobs Mrs Cataldo has to do for her new baby son. 

Stations of the Cross and Chocolate Easter nests all in one day! We thought hard about Jesus' last days and rejoiced in hisnew life by making chocolate nests with new life eggs. 

Term Five 

Click here for Term 5's Curriculum Overview 

Building Bridges with Brunel 

Year One pupils worked with Year Four pupils to design and make a bridge that was strong enough to hold a chocolate bar. 
Which team would build the strongest bridge to win the chocolate bar? 

Sports Coaching 

Outdoor Learning with our Buddies. 

Collaboration with Reception, Year One, Year Five and a pram!. 

Bryony Thomson, author of The Wardrobe Monster, came to talk to KS1 about how she became an author 

Bryony read her book and showed us how she created an illustration of a new monster. We all had a go at designing our own monster, perhaps for a future book! 



Henry Wakefield spent an afternoon with Year One teaching us about Brunel's life 

Brunel had a French father who was also an engineer. He taught Brunel to never give up! 

Brunel went to school in France and later moved to London with his family. 
The family travelled by horse and carriage but later Brunel invented steam travel and trains were much faster. 

Oliver- it was awesome! 
Valentina- I can't believe how much I learnt. 
Jack- it was such fun, I loved being the main horse! 
The children were actively involved and every pupil played a role throughout the interactive afternoon. 

SS Great Britain Trip 

As part of our Brunel topic, Year One visited the SS Great Britain and Brunel museum. We followed the Captain's Trail to find out more about the ship, explored the dry dock and had a Brunel workshop where we all got to dress up. 
Lily H said ' This has been the best day of my life!' 

Pentecost Assembly 

Year One performed a beautiful Pentecost assembly to celebrate the birthday of our church. 
I was so very proud of all the children and couldn't help but grin with pride all the way through. 

Royal Wedding May 2018 

HRH attends a mock wedding at St Francis School. We welcomed Queen Elizabeth to an afternoon of fun where we held a mock wedding and had a very real wedding feast. 

Outdoor learning, Origami and the salvage of the SS Great Britain 

The SS Great Britain made 47 voyages and travelled to 5 different continents. We travelled around our grounds collecting all the names of the ports and we made an origami boat to float on the pontoon.  

Year One's Brunel Exhibition 

Term Six 

Click here for Term 6's Curriculum Overview 

Problem solving and den building in the sun. 
Year One children worked in teams they choose to constuct a camp. 

Clevedon Food Bank Donation 
Year One children made a whole class decission to donate the unused party food from our royal wedding celebration to the Cevedon food bank. A representative came to thank the children for their kindness and to collect the goodies. 

Mini Marathon 
Year One children join the whole school in a mimi-marathon.  
Here you can see our warm up and fantastic effort, running up to six laps of the school field in Five minutes! 

Ponds, Plants and Painting 

In term 6 we have been looking at using collage to illustrate The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. 
We have also been looking at the art work of Claude Monet, The Waterlily Pond. We have printed our own impression pieces. 
We loved pond dipping and looking closely at all the creatures that love to live in our school pond. 

Sports Day 2018 

Beautiful weather for a fantastic morning of fun, egg and spoon races, water races and sprints. 
Year One children competed against each other and displayed excellent sportsmanship throughout the morning. 

Den building with our buddies. 

Multi- sports afternoon with Shane German. 

Speed Stacking in the shade. How quickly could you stack and unstack 6 cups? Our fastest time was 5.23 seconds! 

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