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Year 4 
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Welcome to Year 4's Class Page 

Year 4 have had a very busy first term. Everyone has settled in well and we have been very busy. This page is a chance for you to see some of the wonderful things we have done through our learning. 
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Autumn Terms 

Celebrating our Feast Day 

The whole of St Francis' School went to Noah's Ark Zoo Farm to celebrate our feast day 

When in Rome 

The children have enjoyed learning about the Romans and life in Rome. We have had a go at creating our own mosaics just like the Romans. 
As well as mosaics, we have been looking at the Colosseum. We worked in the style of Monet and Picasso to create our artwork, using the Colosseum as our inspiration. 


Year 4 enjoyed a fabulous trip to Caerleon, as part of their topic on the Romans. First stop were the ampitheatre and barracks, where the children were able to explore the ancient remains and marvel at the various activities that took place there so many years ago. Next, the children had the opportunity to visit the Roman baths to learn how the Romans made use of their leisure time. After lunch, the children got to experience the Roman feast of Saturnalius, before heading over to the mock Roman barracks, where they got to dress up in Roman armour and experience life as a Roman soldier. Finally, the children enjoyed a trip to the museum, where many exciting artefacts and discoveries were held and more interesting facts were learnt. A brilliant day out! 


Spring Terms 

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The Iron Man - Robots 

We have been spending a lot of time in the Spring terms thinking about the story of 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. As well as enjoying the story and using it to influence our own writing, we have also looked into the world of robots and robotics. We spent several weeks researching the areas of robotics that interested us the most: the history of robots, using robots in the home and where robots could take us in the future! We put together our learning into a Power Point and shared our discoveries with our Year 1 buddies. It was a lot of fun! 

Recycle City 

We were lucky enough to be visited by Rachel and Jack from Peter Brett Associates who are a local engineering firm. They told us a little bit about what they did before presenting us with the Recycle City challenge. In small groups, we worked together to plan our own city; not only did we get to include whatever we wanted (including space stations and a Costa) we also had to think carefully about how people could get around and how to be eco-friendly! Mr Groves wasn't keen on the prison for ALL adults... 

Dance Lessons 

Here are some photos of us enjoying dance sessions with the coaches. We are having lots of fun copying routines and freestyling - bring on the Dance Festival! 


We had a lot of fun on Tuesday 19th March raising money for the Borderlands charity. They help refugees and asylum seekers who have come to our country and have nowhere else to go. We raised as much as we could by having a sponsored non-stop danceathon - some of us lasted for the full thirty minutes! 

Dance Festival 2019 

It was a real privilege for Year 4 to participate in this year's North Somerset Dance Festival. We went down to the Weston Playhouse on Wednesday 20th March to perform to over 600 people! Mrs Field had worked incredibly hard to choreograph dances to 'This is Me' from The Greatest Showman and 'We Will Rock You' by Queen. It was a genuine thrill to perform these dances on a proper stage and under professional lighting - the applause will stay with us for a long time! 

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Summer Terms 


We have had a super start to the term with our visit from Warburtons bakery. Today has been an eye opener for us all, we have learnt all about healthy eating and what we should and shouldn't be eating. We also got to find out about the importance of not wasting food and the ways in which we can avoid this. Can you believe we waste 7million tonnes of food a year, the equivalent to filling 225,000 double decker buses! Finally we were lucky enough to make our own healthy sandwiches, thinking about our portion sizes and what we should include. Hopefully this helps us to think about what we are eating more regularly. 
This week Year 4 have been going volcano crazy. Over the past few weeks the children have impressed both the adults and children of St Francis school with the creativity and enthusiasm that they have shown towards their learning. We have had a range of interesting products includings erupting volcanoes, powerpoint presentations, lego models, posters, cakes and even a Minecraft video, all demonstrating the workings of a volcano. Year 4 have blown us away with the individuality and knowledge they have demonstrated throughout their learning. We have loved finding out all the fascinating facts they have discovered through their research. Below are just a few of the super projects we had. 


This week we decided to take our artwork outside, helping make the most of the lovely spring weather we are having. After discussing and looking at the work of Hundertwasser the children worked in his style of freedom of sketch and colours to draw some of the sights around us. The children enjoyed having the freedom to use chalk, knowing that they could do anything and it would be right, the freedom to use colours and shapes was very exciting. We can't wait to complete some more artwork in the style of Hundertwasser. 

Kings and Queens 

With such a special event coming up, we just had to celebrate the royal wedding in style. We have had an explosion of glitter, cake and awards, all to mark the special occasion. We have had a fantastic time making our own unique crowns and flags to wear for our picnic on the field. We also got to have cream tea and had a very big debate on what went first the cream or the jam! We were also lucky enough to have some cake and biscuits on the field to. Well done on our award winners of the week Daniel, Clara, Jamie, Chloe, Arabella, Liam M and Josh.  
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A huge congratulations to Year 4 on their fantastic participation in our Mini Marathon. The children worked hard and managed to come 2nd place with the amount of laps completed. The children supported one another and cheered for the other classes, they should be very proud of themselves. Remember we are raising money for the NSPCC, so sponsors need to come in as soon as possible. Thank you! 

Backwell Visit 

Today Year 4 were lucky enough to have some Year 8 Backwell students visit, leading some team building games for us to enjoy. We all had a great time and didn't want the afternoon to stop. It was great fun and also helped us with training for our Sports Day ! 

Local walks around Nailsea 

Thanks to the local walkers of Nailsea, Year 4 got to out and explore some of the local walking paths of Nailsea, fitting in with our learning of habitats in Science. We got to explore the different habitats animals live in, the different species of plants and how they grow. The children loved looking at all the animals and finding out why they live in certain habitats.  

St Fagans 

To help with our learning on looking at the history of houses, Year 4 took a trip to Cardiff to explore the houses and different buildings through time. The children had an exciting time looking at how cooking, heating, entertainment and home comforts over history. The children found the school particularly interesting and felt paticularly lucky that they go to school in today's times rather than in the past! The children also found it funny that toilets use to be outside! It is safe to say after the trip the children felt lucky to have the homes and classrooms they do today.  

RE Retreat Day 

Year 4 partnered up with the Year 4 class from St Joesph's Portishead to have a day of reflection and fun. The children completed a 2 mile walk as a group discussing Children CAFOD have worked with and the journey's they have been on. The children reflected on the journey's they have been on as well as others and thought about what they could do to help others. After our walk the children enjoyed a picnic and ice lollies together and then participated in some team building games and rounders and football. They children had a brilliant day at the lakegrounds in the sunshine, the children enjoyed having the time to reflect and also having the opportunity to make new friends! Well done to Chloe and Josh for having the confidence and fantastic speaking voices to volunteer to complete some readings in front of both classes. 


Already with a blink of an eye Year 4 has gone by and it is now the end of term. Thank you so much for all of your support this year and putting your trust in me to teach your children. It has been a fantastic year full of lots of learning and fun. It has been a pleasure to teach all of your children this year and I will be sad to see them go. Thank you for all your gifts and kind words, have a lovely summer holiday and see you in the new term. GOOD LUCK YEAR 4, YOU ARE ALL SUPERSTARS AND WILL MAKE A FAB YEAR 5 CLASS. 
Miss Lamb  
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