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St Francis' Catholic Primary School

Together in Christ

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At St. Francis' we believe we are stewards of God's creation and all called to be disciples. 

Each member of the chaplaincy team recognises the important role they hold and that they are representing Bishop Declan.

The main roles of the Chaplaincy team are: 
  • To help the school to be a community of faith 
  • To encourage the pupils to live their faith in daily living 
  • To develop good relationships within and beyond the school community 
  • To support Liturgy, prayer and the spiritual life of the school 
  • To involve pupils in fundraising for charities 
  • To continue to develop strong links with the Parish 
  • To support the school in its Mission Statement 

Our Chaplaincy team is made up of children from each year group and is split into 3 groups: The school council provides a meaningful way in which pupils can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account with decisions that have an impact upon them; The Eco team encourages and organises projects that protect the environment such as recycling; The prayer team help to develop the prayer life in the school by supporting and leading class and whole school Masses, assemblies and liturgies. 

2022/2023 Chaplaincy Action Plan

Chaplaincy Term Newsletter Term 1 and 2 2022/23

Chaplaincy Term Newsletter Term 3 and 4 2022/23

Chaplaincy Term Newsletter Term 5 and 6 2022/23

The children in the Chaplaincy team have lots of ideas of how they can fulfil their roles.
Here are some of the activities they have been involved with over the past year: 
• Arranging celebrations to remember Saints days and festivals (eg St Francis' Feast day, Chinese New Year, Day of the Dead, Epiphany - Blessing of the Homes and Chalking the Door) 
• Organising Charity fund-raising events (eg Harvest Sale, Lent collection "Spend a Penny", Cake Sales, Sponsored event) 
• Supporting projects in the community (eg Shoe box appeal, litter picks) 
• Leading prayer services 
• Developing our Prayer garden 
• Developing an understanding of Catholic Social Teaching principles (eg by inviting Parishioners to our School Masses; by supporting Anti-Bullying Day) 
• Teaching other pupils in the school about the Church seasons (eg Holy Week Workshop) 
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